A True Account of courage and bravery! How 10 men survived 50 Combat Missions over Europe during WWII

S Sgt. Edward Raymond Kofke

Enlisted: 17 October 1942

Discharged: 17 April 1945

Duty: Aircraft Armorer-Gunner

Position: Tail Gunner

Assignment: 15th Air Force, 55th Wing

464th Bomb Group

779th Squadron

Ship: Shoo-Shoo Baby  H-42-9458

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From the Diary of  Edward R. Kofke, Tail Gunner B-24, Shoo-Shoo Baby 
50 Combat Missions without injury or death...Divine Providence or just plain luck? Discover the answer as you join the crew of the Shoo-Shoo Baby
On their deadly missions over Europe during  WWII